Angélique in Portugal
The Angélique series are now published in Portugal by Publicaçoes Europa América. You will notice that each book is divided into two or even three books --each cover showing a precise moment of the book. My grateful thanks to Claudia who shared these covers: the lovely Angélique face on the first page of this site was taken from "Uma intriga diabolica".
Marquise of the Angels, book 1   Marquise of the Angels, book 2   The Road to Versailles, book 1
The Road to Versailles, book 2   Angelique and the King, book 1   Angelique and the King, book 2
Angelique and the Sultan, book 1   Angelique and the Sultan, book 2   Angelique in Revolt, book 1
Angelique in Revolt, book 2   Angelique in Love, book 1   Angelique in Love, book 2
The Countess Angelique, book 1   The Countess Angelique, book 2   The Temptation of Angelique, book 1
The Temptation of Angelique, book 2   The Temptation of Angelique, book 3   Angelique and the Demon, book 1
Angelique and the Demon, book 2   Angelique and the Ghosts, book 1   Angelique and the Ghosts, book 2
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