Anne and Serge Golon have acquired great fame by writing books. With exceptional talent, indeed with a kind of genius, they have brought out novels that have been translated right away into many languages and have been made into films.
Their talents as painters are as yet almost unknown to the public. The time has come to bring them to the forefront.
We find ourselves in the presence of two eloquent artists each with his own particular way of making us appreciate his media and resources. Serge Golon brings us something new in his plastic (relief) interpretation of nature. Into his pictures, which are apparently figurative and almost impressionistic in style, has gone an endless amount of extremely subtle and painstaking research, scientific research.
A great deal would be said about Anne and Serge Golon's works. There is no similarity in their art, but there is something very appealing about this diversity of talents. The language used by one is quite different from that of the other. In any case we cannot remain unmoved by the canvasses of either of them for they are the works of artists of no uncertain talent.
This book enables us to get to know the two artists, whose pictures are so far from commonplace. There are only 50 of these books, each one being numbered, signed by Anne Golon, with an exclusive interview in English of Serge Golon.
Pictures below show a very small example of the well worked-out ideas and much thought that have gone into the creation of each finished painting. Please remember that a scanned picture cannot fully give the beauty of a painting.
Anne Golon
Anne Golon - Peuhl beauty, Tchad
Anne Golon
Anne Golon - A street at Crans sur Sierre, Switzerland
Serge Golon
Serge Golon - Roman chapel, Isny, South Germany
Serge Golon
Serge Golon - Derborence lake, Switzerland
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