Angélique in France
Colbert and Trévise have been Angélique's original publishers from the beginning to 1985 (although the first publishing of "Angélique, Marquise of the Angels" is a German one, before the first French publishing!). The first two books were published by Colbert, and the following ones by Trévise (hardback with dust-jackets). These lovely dust-jackets seem to have influenced a lot of other publishers all around the world and remain in the memory of all the readers who discovered the series with the original publishing. Although there is still a huge demand from the readers, those books have not been reprinted for years and years and are no longer available but as second-hands. My grateful thanks to Marie-France for completing the collection.
Marquise of the Angels, first publishing 1958   Marquise of the Angels, Colbert, 1972 cover   The Road to Versailles, 1958 cover
The Road to Versailles, 1972 cover   Angelique and the King, 1959 cover   Angelique and the Sultan, 1977 cover
Angelique in Revolt, 1963 cover   Angelique in Love, 1963 cover   The Countess Angelique, 1967 cover
The Temptation of Angelique, 1969 cover   Angelique and the Demon, 1972 cover, book 1   Angelique and the Demon, 1972 cover, book 2
Angelique and the Ghosts, 1976 cover   Angelique in Quebec, 1980 cover   The Path to Hope, 1984 cover
Angelique's Victory, 1985 cover
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