Do not look for Monteloup on a map of France. It can be found somewhere in the Poitou marshland, at the heart of that wonderful region halfway between the forest and the sea, that is known as the "Green Venice". It is not entirely imaginary, since it is the birthplace of Angélique de Sancé...
In 1955 Anne Golon, assisted by her husband Serge, jotted down the first few lines of a book... How could she have guessed that, forty years later, this book would have become a fresco, be famous around the world, have aroused compelling and durable passions, and that it would be featured on a then-unimaginable thing called a website?
A website that could not have been created without the precious collaboration of Anna and her sister Marysia, Marie-France, Mariann, Steve, Harvey and all the people from the Angélique Internet mailing-list. My grateful thanks for this; I love you all.
In the "Anne and Serge Golon" section, you will find the authors' biography, some documents including the petition to support Anne Golon's authors right, links to other Angélique related web sites and places to find the books. In the "Angélique the books" section, you will discover book reviews and a collection of more than 250 covers and illustrations which will take you to a real journey through space and time. End the tour with the "Angélique wallpapers" section which offers you free exclusive Angélique wallpapers for your desktop.
Do not forget to check the site from time to time as it is updated on a regular basis.
If you want to be notified when the site is updated, if there is anything you want to know about the Angélique series... or if you wish to send me the scan of a book cover I don't have, please feel free to contact me.
Brigitte Collet